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I know you're watching me. You do it all the time. You just gawk. It bothers me and creeps me out. I can't stand a stalkerish asshole. But the best thing to do and to get even is ignore your lowly presence totally with perfect indifference but with a little twist. I touch up my lipstick and look at myself in my compact makeup mirror and say "Girl you are so sexy!" I get on all fours with my big butt in the air shaking it teasing you while I read my cover girl issue of Big Butt Magazine. I twist my wide whale ass towards you, so you can see me push my asshole in and out hard and fart while the panties are wedged inside. then I continue reading the magazine and admiring myself like you're not even there. I sit up and cross my thick sexy legs. Then I put a hand on one of my big butt cheeks and spread so I can fart. I have a hard time doing so because my laser cut spandex panties are jammed so far up my tight asshole. I managed to squeak a few out. Is it stinky in here enough yet? I primp & brush my long burgundy locks and fart some more. I feel a fart trapped in my black panties so reach behind my smelly large lard ass and fan it out. All while ignoring you. At the end I take some selfies for my fan club. More farts come creeping out of my tight dark funky tunnel. You just sit and gawk. And I just keep ignoring you like the perfect BBW Goddess I am. I was hoping I'd clear you out of the room but you stuck around huffing my smelly farts like an addict. Enjoy the fart fest and me forever ignoring you. You're so desperate for my attention, next time you'll be paying me to fart in your face and ignore you!

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BBW Ass Worship & Tongue Riding


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Fucking My Tight White Asshole


Description:   I've gotten A LOT of requests for anal videos. Making more in the future will depend on the popularity of this video. The more you buy the more of these type of videos I will make. ...